Keys of the Kingdom

People lose their keys all the time.  Usually a panic ensues, then a frantic search, and if the keys have still not been located, everything comes to a stop so their mind can go over all recent movement to see if they can remember where the keys might have been left.  When my son was very young, I was getting ready to leave with him for an appointment when I discovered the keys missing from my purse.  I went through all of the steps listed above and added an in depth conversation with a 2 1/2 year old to see if he had the keys.  Of course, the answer was ‘no’, he hadn’t seen them.   Well, we missed the appointment as I continued to search for the keys.  My circle of examination widened to include the garage.   I was now checking unlikely spots as well as those that made sense.  I finally lifted up a wooden crate of empty glass pop bottles and heard a funny metallic sound.  If you guessed the keys were down in among the bottles, you’re right.  My son, ‘’who had not touched the keys”, had dropped them into the bottles somehow.  What a relief it was to find the keys.  It meant I didn’t have to explain their loss and that I again, had the ability to complete the things I needed to do. 

The church has misplaced the keys Jesus gave prior to His leaving earth.  Matthew 16:19 “And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…”  The keys He left were of much greater value than the ones to my car.  These keys unlocked the authority and power Heaven wanted the church to have.  Sometime in history, the keys went missing only the church has never panicked over the loss or initiated a frantic search to find them…until now.

Maybe the keys were lost one by one rather than all at once and that accounts for the church’s lack of response to the loss.  Maybe the church had long forgotten what doors the keys opened so their loss was no big deal.  And, it’s possible the keys were taken by those who want to keep the church from using the Heavenly keys.  We’ll never know how the keys went missing, but their loss has kept the church from being able to meet its commitments to God.

The church has an appointment.  One set up in advance by Jesus Himself.  So, it’s time to find the keys and unlock the authority and power doors so the church can get out into the world, overcoming the gates of Hell and complete its task to grow the Kingdom of God until it encompasses the earth.

Have you seen an extra set of keys lying around anywhere?

~ Dientje Fortuna



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