Are we “too” busy?

I know life can be hard and I know it can be very busy.
When you’re a small child, before school age, you have toys and television programs to watch and time to play either inside or out.
Then you start school. You have much of the same as when you were younger but you add homework. So you have a little less time to play.
Fast forward to High School. So much is going on. Your play time changes to more grown-up activities. Now you may be involved in sports or after school activities. You might have a job, and you might be thinking of college.
Then you start dating and thinking of your future. Is this person I’m dating a potential spouse?
Maybe you get married? Have a couple of kids. Maybe you have a full time job? Maybe you didn’t get to finish High School or college so you go “or try” to go back to school?
I’m getting exhausted just trying to write about your life.
Where can you possibly find free time for your time with the Lord?
In Matt. 11:30 the scripture reads, “For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”
Right about now you may be rolling your eyes.  Easy? light?!  Right. I am so busy working, taking care of my family, going to school, going to church that I collapse in bed at night just to get up and do it again.
Believe me when I say that God sees what you are doing. He knows your heart when you say that prayer in the midst of what you may see as chaos.  He hears you.
You won’t always be where you are today.  Someday, today will be a memory.
~ Debbie Searing, Deacon New Wine Fellowship

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