Gods Timing 

I’ve been asking God for quite some time to bring to me the opportunity to write. I have always loved writing and He was inspiring me with all kinds of inspirational messages that I longed to put on paper. But I gave up when an opportunity didn’t come during the time I was expecting it, so I went on with my busy life.Many years later I have now been approached to write for the blog for the church site. My first reaction was EEEEEK, not right now! It’s such bad timing. Truth is, I never have time for anything beyond MY four walls. Sadly, while God is a part of my everyday life, HE isn’t always FIRST. (Which is more than likely why I always seem so short on time!) So here I’ve asked Him for something, put it on the shelf and then wanted to say no when it showed up!

It’s in God’s time though, not mine. I often forget HIS time is always more important than my time. In fact, my time wouldn’t exist without Him. So, now I have two lessons here:

1. Gods timing, not mine! Do not pass up the blessing you have been waiting for!  

2. Why are you so busy you don’t have time for God when He calls you to something?

This has stopped me right in my tracks and God is whispering; “here is your opportunity now what are you going to do with it?” Hasn’t He always been there when I needed something!?! God calls us to be working hands and feet in the church. So here I reflect and write about this opportunity and lesson in one. God hears us and He is a Good God.

Never give up! Wait patiently! Be willing when he calls you to action! 
“Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.”

Angela Vanek

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