The lake looked like a mirror this morning as I sat looking out the window. There was no wind to push the water along, so it appeared peaceful and calm. Often our lives look this way. We’ve gotten used to the way things are and we are at peace with the status quo. We think God must be ok with the way our life has settled since everything is going so well. So, we’re surprised when a fish jumps in the midst of our calm waters and all we can do is watch the ripples begin to form on the mirror of our life.

calm-lake-mirror blogWhat happened? God happened!

I’m sorry if this is news to you, but God doesn’t like status quo. He doesn’t like our lives resembling the calm of a mirror-like lake. There is no growth or change when nothing is happening. So, He’s happy to send a fish to ruffle up our lives and get the water moving. His Kingdom can’t grow if all we’re doing is sitting and looking at the calm of our lives. So, don’t resent the fish God sends. Instead, embrace the waves that come into your life and thank God for caring enough to send you a fish.

But watch out for the geese that come crashing into your calm waters. These unwanted visitors can cause some real damage to the calm you have held onto, but God can use anything when He needs to get us moving instead of sitting and watching nothing happen. God knows they are coming and is waiting for you to ask for His help with the mess the geese will make of your life. So, don’t try to scare them off by yourself. Ask God for help. He’s had a lot of experience with unwanted visitors.