God’s rain is always falling

In recent weeks our lake out back has become quite thirsty. First there is the drought that has descended upon southeastern lower Michigan and which has yet to be broken. Then there is the blockage in the river coming into our lake. Several trees have fallen in and are restricting the flow of water to the lake. The result is a muddy, weedy lake that is neither pretty to look at or a joy for the water animals, fish and birds who reside on or in the lake. So, the lake waits for something to happen to restore its beauty and joy.

Isn’t this what happens to our soul?

We never meant for the drought to happen, let alone get so severe. When some days got busy and we skipped reading God’s word, we told ourselves it was just a couple of days, we’d be back to reading daily in no time. But, a few more days passed without relief in sight from the busyness of the world and Bibles remained in the same spot we left it.

In order to meet our deadlines, our prayer time with God got shorter. Then a little less frequently, and then some guilt began to creep in. We justified our actions, well our in-action really, by telling ourselves God understands. Little by little our spirit got thirsty until we are in a severe drought.

We had left the rain of God’s Word that waters and feeds our souls, and some ‘trees’ fell into our stream of prayer with the Father. We are now parched, dried-up, not able to sustain others let alone ourselves.

Well, unlike the lake, we don’t have to wait for rain or for someone to clear out the trees. God’s rain is always falling, we just have to put ourselves back into it; open His Word and open our mouths. Reading God’s word and taking time to talk with Him gets the water flowing and our thirst quenched. We can ask God for help in managing the trees so we don’t get cut off again from His life-giving water.

When your water level drops, don’t ignore it. Get out your sword (the Word of God), hack the trees away, put time into your relationship with the Lord and feel God’s reviving water restore you and get you flowing again in His Kingdom.

 ~ Deni Fortuna

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