Are Your Shoes Too Tight?

I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t left the house ready to take on a new day, that hasn’t at some point, realized that their shoes seem to be squeezing their feet. Your shoes just feel too tight! The shoes didn’t feel tight when you put them on, but somewhere through the day something changed and now your toes feel like they are being pinched off. Walking has become painful and running or dancing would be impossible. All you can think about is getting home to take off your shoes and letting your feet go free.
Well, in our spiritual walk we can find ourselves with “shoes that are too tight”. Now, you might ask how this can happen, so I would like to explain. Jesus, through His death, burial and resurrection set in place the New Covenant between God and His people. This new covenant is totally based on His sacrifice. Because He offered Himself in our place, we are forgiven of our sin and through His righteousness we are reunited with the Father. Our part is to recognize the value of this gift and repent from our former lives to begin a walk with Jesus. Sounds easy enough to do, and it is, but we have to watch out for traps that spring up in our walk. We can get pulled off track if we listen to old religious mindsets and allow ‘works’ to creep into our thinking. This old way of thinking causes us to try to work our way into a relationship with our Father. The Old Covenant, under the Law, was based on works; always trying to do the right thing to please God. But we never could. Our sin nature always got in the way. Jesus became our ‘Way’, our Truth and our Life when He did for us what we could never do.
The Old Covenant cannot coexist with the New. And, when we try to put the Law and works together with Jesus, our shoes get too tight because the Law and Jesus were never meant to be worn together. Jesus fulfilled the Law and He alone gets the credit for our redemption.
Life with Jesus is an ongoing dance. One you don’t want to miss, but you will if your feet hurt because your shoes are too tight. Be sure that every day you only put on Jesus, no works. Your feet will be happy and your dance with Him will be one of pure joy.

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