No One Knew His Name

No One Knew His Name

In the dark of a lonely night a new baby came into the world, just like so many babies had done before Him.  Mary and Joseph had come to a city they were unfamiliar with but that represented Joseph’s   lineage. But there must not have been any family members left in town since no spare room was offered to the couple, so Mary’s baby could be born in a house instead of a barn.  So, the baby was born in a humble stable, heated by the household animals and lit by the stars above.  And two young people began a journey of epic proportions, raising the Son of God.

God watched over the birth of His Son knowing His plan to rescue His children was unfolding.  For hundreds of years He had heard the cries of Israel for a Savior; one to release them from bondage to their captors.  But God knew their heaviest chains were around their hearts, not their feet.  So, while He was ready to begin the rescue, it seemed Israel was not.  They couldn’t see past themselves and have faith in the God of their fathers.  Only a handful of people were watching and praying for the promised Messiah to appear.  That is why, in the town of Bethlehem, the cry of a newborn babe wasn’t thought of as anything more than the birth of another ‘slave’ for Rome.  No one knew He had arrived, the Lamb that would be sacrificed to save the world.

No One Knew His Name
Dientje Fortuna
The babe was born for all mankind
But no one knew His name,
He left his Father where He was King
and as a babe to earth He came.

Mary and Joseph had traveled so far
knowing Jesus was soon to be born.
With no room at the inn their choices were few
but the stable left Mary’s heart torn.

As Mary labored to birth God’s babe
the angels, a concert they gave,
to the shepherds, the lowly, the announcement came
as Jesus, in a manger, was laid.

Though shepherds came to pay respect
to the baby the angels proclaimed,
Bethlehem lay fast asleep
so no one knew His Name.

The Star shone announcing the birth,
the One foretold through the ages.
But the people were caught in the myth they believed
the one told by priests and sages.

A great and mighty king would come
to vanquish their foes all around.
So they looked for a crown, a warrior, a king,
for the trumpets to give mighty sounds.

No one looked for the babe God had planned,
His Son who would one day become,
the sacrifice needed so sins are forgiven
and back to our Father we’d come.

The babe was born for all mankind,
but no one knew His Name.
His road was set from birth to death
It was the reason that He came.

To restore God’s children back to Him,
out of Love, for it brought no fame,
cause the world didn’t get why He was here,
and so they didn’t know His name.

But the tiny King came to give us the greatest gift of all…a relationship with the Father.  So, let’s celebrate the greatest gift man ever received, Jesus. 

Merry Christmas from New Wine Ministries.

Deni Fortuna


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